I Want Revenge


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The debut album by Peter Lalush under his new alias AKLF. After a long break after two albums as A.I.R., I Want Revenge marks a bold new chapter in the evolution of this young artist, collecting 11 of his most personal songs yet and setting them to catchy hooks and blazing guitars for a sound he calls "Danger Pop". With songs about internet harassment ("You're Not Cool"), losing friends ("Off In The Distance"), religion ("I Want The World"), and why we party the way we do ("Famous"), AKLF takes the singer-songwriter concept and gives it a hard rock edge that's difficult to resist.


released June 9, 2016

Written, produced, recorded, performed, mixed, designed, and released by Peter Lalush



all rights reserved


AKLF Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: xxx (Intro)
i'm a mess
but it's okay

i'm right where i wanna be
so won't you take this ride with me
i don't need no sympathy
'cause i'm right where i wanna be
Track Name: Off In The Distance
Do you remember me? Do you remember me?
‘Cause I sure as hell remember you
It’ll be a shame if you don’t know my name
Because you taught me everything you knew
It’s been a long, long time, not everything is fine
So I’ve come right back to take what’s mine
You better check your eyes, I’m the same inside
But I’ve never looked better, felt better, been better than this!

I can’t take it, no, I can’t take it
You can’t just leave me in the cold, naked
So I’m leaving, I’m burning my bridges
And you will find me off in the distance

I know what they say, I know what they say
They say you can’t go home again
But I never thought it’d be you, I can’t believe it’s true
I’ve been let down by my former dearest friend

Here I am, here I am
Here I am, here I am
Know my name, do you know my name
Know my name, I know you know my name
Track Name: Famous
Hey, tell me if you’re listening
Because my words won’t mean a thing if no one’s there to hear
I’ve got so much that I have to do
I’d rather waste my night with you than slave away in here
Procrastination’s what I need right now
You bring the matches, let’s burn this shit down

We’ll pretend we’re famous
Act like everybody knows our names
Hit the streets because we have no shame
While our lives are going down in flames
‘Cause we’re famous

Fuck these authorities, this party’s our priority
I’m acting like I’m royalty although there’s so much more to me
We’re feeling good and we’re looking even better
‘Cause tonight it’s now or never and we’re doing it together
Responsibilities aren’t on my mind
Just tell yourself everything will be fine

We’re gonna feel this in the morning but we don’t care
I don’t know when we’ll wake up, I don’t know where
And when we get back home our troubles will still be there
But it’s what we need right now
Right now

Can’t blame us
For the moment we can play this game
And without it we’d have gone insane
Blow our money on the good champagne
‘Cause we’re famous

It’s what we need right now
Track Name: You're Not Cool
You’re not cool, baby, you’re not cool
I said you’re not cool, baby, you’re not cool
I said you’re not cool, baby, you’re not cool
You better shut the fuck up ‘cause you sound like a fool

Why you feel the need to actively harass me?
I’ve never done a thing to you, but you attack me
I know your only skills are Dota 2 and ASCII
Someone oughta kick your ass, if you ask me

Shout from your soapbox ‘cause that’s all you’ve got to show
Hide behind your keyboard, and the world will never know
Disguise your sexist, racist, homophobic ways
‘Cause it’s all about ethics at the end of the day
But right now you got nothin’ to say, come on

Someone, somewhere, doesn’t deserve this
Someone, somewhere’s gonna make you eat your words
I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules
You better shut the fuck up, man, ‘cause you’re not cool
All right!

Why you gotta be an asshole all the time now?
Talkin’ down to me’s the only way you shine now
Plead the first amendment? What, you gonna cry now?
You better shut your mouth, you better shut it right now

You stand for free speech, but you won’t give them a voice
Criticize the way they are even if it’s not a choice
Persecute at every fucking opportunity
“I don’t care who I hurt if they just listen to me”
But I know everyone can see that
Track Name: I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
i was born in the fires of hell
it took me 18 years ‘fore i could break the spell
they don’t care what i do, though I do it so well, so well
(couldn't stop me if you)
my state of mind is more north or west
for a country gentleman i don’t pass the test
i’m going out of my mind listening to them whine
if i’m about to leave it’s about damn time, c’mon
i don't need your sympathy and i don't need a savior

i don’t wanna be here anymore
(don’t want to call this place my home)
i don’t wanna be here anymore
(‘cause this is not where I belong)
won’t be sentimental
and i won’t waste my potential here
i don’t wanna be here anymore

i don’t want to live in a place where people actually like pop country
or think that believing what they believe is the only way they can trust me
i’m in a place that’s full of racist sexist homophobics
i don’t want this pop stand, I think that I’m gonna blow it
push that precious general lee off a cliff
watch it fall, watch it break, no more tokyo drift
blow up like taylor swift, smoke rises, i split
and if they ask me what i’m doing i’ll be taking the fifth, la-da-da

i love you, mom, i love you, dad, i love you, sister
and i’d be lying if i said i wouldn’t miss you
but i can’t be associated with this culture
i see them coming, see them circling like vultures
i’m gonna run while i still have the freedom
keep your oppression ‘cause i don’t really need it
you may be questioning my argument’s validity
the fact is, living here is just a fucking liability
Track Name: Bravado
I got that boom boom
That motherfuckin’ boom boom
From evening till the morning
And in the afternoon, noon
I’m standing tall, tall
They wanna see me fall, fall
They’re never gonna get, get
Me up against the wall, wall

They said to stop but I only wanna go
I say yes when they want me to say no
This time I’m a different side of me
This time I’m done with insecurity
I only ask you let me be a little bit conceited

I’m on your block, block
I’m at your door like knock, knock
This may come as a shock, shock
But I just wanna rock, rock
You feel the heat, heat
Now shake it to the beat, beat
And we can’t stop until they hear
The sound on every street, street

I’m here for fun and I love it way too much
A little bit reckless but I got that artist’s touch
I’m tryna be kind to everyone I meet
Got all of the kids sayin’ this is pretty neat
And I just wanna be the greatest rock star I can be, yeah

I got the right to me
I got the right to be
I got the right to spit my bravado

See me come around, I don’t wanna slow down
I’m having too much fun, you’re never gonna see me frown
Despite a possible combination of anxiety and depression
I never got it diagnosed but I get that impression
It’s why I make art, I make music and movies
I think it’s pretty damn groovy, does anybody say “groovy”?
I don’t care, I’m not scared, I got goals, I got plans
You can’t give into demands if there is no demand
I’m making music for fun, I’m not good, I get it
But I’ve been playing guitar for ten years so why not let it
Help me feel a bit better, now let’s do it together
I’m with you, you’re with me, no matter what is the weather, ‘kay
Track Name: Wish You Were
I hear the noises in the hall and I know they come from you
I wish that I wasn’t here at all ‘cause we all know what you do
You tell us all to shut up but we’d rather shout instead
It weighs down like it’s made of lead
I think what you need is a good kick in your head

We’ll be there when it hits you
When you’re gone no one will miss you
And you’ll never find redemption
It’s safe to say, safe to say
Safe to say I wish you were dead

Wish you were, wish you were, wish you, wish you were

Wake up from the nightmare but it just won’t go away
You’re never gonna let it go, they’ll remind you every day
In the back of your mind, it’s gonna haunt your dreams
You’ve done a bad, bad thing
You scream out, “Why does this keep happening?”

You dug your own grave, my friend
You deserve whatever you get
Too late to find redemption
It’s safe to say, safe to say
Safe to say I wish you were dead

You did what you did on purpose
Ask yourself if it was worth it
One decision made you nothing
It’s safe to say
Track Name: Light Me Up
I woke up to a lonely day
Nothing wants to go my way
So baby, I need you to light me up
Through empty rooms and crowded streets
You’d think that I could take the heat
But baby, I need you to light me up

You know everything that there is to know
I know you want it ‘cause you told me so
I’m all set so if you’re ready let’s go

I need you to light me up
Baby, I need you to light me up
Yeah, you might think I’ve had enough
But baby, I need you to light me, light me up

Don’t wanna be alone tonight
I know you’re gonna do me right
Baby, I need you to light me up
All these thoughts and things we feel
Turn it into something real
Baby, please, baby, light me up

Do that thing that you love to do
If you’re in baby I’m in too
I don’t want what I want from anybody but you

I said light me up
Let’s make it rough
It’s a lot like love
So light me up
All right
Track Name: Nobody To You
Hey, it’s me again
You never open up your door when I ask you to let me in
I can’t go home until I know
Whether you still talk about me or you just let me go

I’ll never understand your reasons
And you left without a trace
I know I change my mind like the seasons
But I can’t forget your face

I’m nobody to you
You’re somebody to me
Don’t make this harder than it has to be
It’s over and it’s gone
So get out of my head
And get out of my mind
‘Cause I can’t get rid of you this time
There is no moving on
I’m nobody to you

I want to give this up
But until you say that you remember me it’s not enough
It’s my fault, I’m to blame
I admit it and I’m sorry, now what did I do again?

Let me know
Let me go
Let me know
Let me go
Track Name: I Want The World
I was under the gun for 18 years till I decided to cut loose
Kinda lonely got a lump in my throat but I don’t have a better excuse
And now you want me to come back to you but that’s not how it’s gonna be
‘Cause I know you lied when you told me that you would set me free
So don’t talk to me

I got nothing left to give
And that’s not how I wanna live
I lost my soul so long ago
So baby, baby, I want the world

Maybe it works for you but it’s not really worth my while
It’s apparent that I’m going to hell but I’m going down there with a smile
It don’t matter what you believe, just don’t shove it in my face
18 years of misery that can never be replaced
So forget about it

I got nothing left to give
And that’s not how I wanna live
I lost my soul so long ago
So baby, baby, I want the world

Am I a sinner for doing what I think is right?
I never hurt nobody, that’s how I live my life

Good luck as you go on your way, I hope you find what you’re looking for
Maybe we could be friends one day if you don’t try to settle the score
Let me live and I’ll let you live, just do what you wanna do
But don’t shove it down my throat again or I’ll come back after you
You don’t want that
Track Name: Kick 'Em
Kick ‘em when they’re down, kick ‘em when they’re up
If you kick ‘em once it’ll never be enough
They wanna kick you too and it leaves no doubt
You gotta kick ‘em around until they tap out
They say a little pain never hurt nobody
So keep on kicking till it starts getting bloody
Up front I’m gonna tell you, buddy
Don’t do it for the fame, don’t do it for the money, hah!

The movement of your legs
The way your knees extend
I don’t know what to say
You just blow me away
The way your foot connects
I mean no disrespect
I don’t know what to do
I wanna kick it with you

Now hold up, let me state a fact
The whole world’s tryin’ to kick me in the ass
Now that is a kick for which I didn’t ask
So I’ll turn the kick around and I’ll kick ‘em right back
I don’t kick unless I have permission to
But when I don’t kick I get a little bit blue
All you motherkickers don’t have a clue
So I say kick that and I say kick you

The way you curl your toes
The way your shin’s exposed
You make me want to sing
You can do anything
You snap and roundhouse right
I could watch you all night
I don’t know what to do

I don’t want, I don’t want
I don’t want, I don’t want
I don’t want to see you lonely
But I haven’t got, haven’t got
Haven’t got, haven’t got
A clue as to why you’d want me

Ladies, gentlemen, and others, kick it one more time